Licorne Energy LLC helps small and medium size investors identify, select, assess, acquire & obtain oil and gas royalties with no difference and the same expertise as bigger owners.

Our offer is a competitive offer to what already exists on the market.

Benefiting from the extensive experience of our local partners in Houston, both in financial and geological engineering, we are constantly screening for the best opportunities for our clients to invest with the fastest return on investment and better yield.

We offer our services all around the world no matter which nationality you are. We will facilitate the best investment for oil and gas royalties in the United States according to your needs and your financial investment targets.

Our royalty investment model is unique, fair, and provide to individuals & corporate entities turn keys tailored made solutions.

Irina Duisimbekova


Graduated from South Bank University, London, MBA Degree in 2003.

Since 2007, she has been running her brokerage company in the field of agricultural and energetic commodities sector supplying the largest companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, France, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, China and the Kingdom of Bahrain in joint-venture with the investment company of a Bahrain Prime Member of the Bahraini Al Khalifa Royal Family.

In 2016 she became the CEO in the Arabian Gulf of a Swiss multinational Fortune 500 petroleum commodities trading company, located in the Kingdom of Bahrain with revenues over 3 billion USD annually.

She is fluent in French, English and Russian.


Alexandre Katrangi

Alexandre Katrangi


Graduated from the Trinity College with an MBA of International Business.

Over the past 20 years within Middle East & Africa, he has established and implemented energy projects in emerging areas, raising the necessary finances for capex & opex, experiencing constant growth and vibrant activities, for a range of companies and individuals from blue chip institutions, large conglomerates to private investors.

Partners and Clients relied on him for critical financials, legal, and commercial advices on petroleum investments and optimized ROI.

Over the past 15 years Alexandre has held the position of Board Member and Advisor of a Prime Member of the Saudi Royal Family. He also holds the position of Vice President of Strategic Investments of a Forbes Fortunes private family from the Emirates.

Olga Seelig

Corporate Legal Counsel

Olga Seelig received her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from The University of Texas School of Law in 1997.

Over the last 20 years, Olga has provided clients legal representation and counsel on business law and transactions, trademarks, arbitration, mediation, insurance, and criminal law in both Federal and State courts across Texas and internationally.

In addition to her legal career as an advocate for her clients, she also served as a Travis County prosecutor and Judge for the City of Austin.

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