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Licorne Energy is a specialized company investing in oil & gas royalties in the various states within the U.S.

Royalties are oil owner’s reserved interest in the oil and gas production or the proceeds from the sale of any oil and/or gas produced from the owner’s oil estate. Royalties are usually not subject to the costs associated with the development of oil and gas. However, royalties are often subject to their proportionate share of post-production costs, which includes those costs associated with treating or transporting oil and/or gas to a more profitable point in the marketplace.

Licorne Energy has begun to have a prominent presence throughout the United States and is actively investing in mineral and royalty interests throughout most oil and/or gas productive regions with a special focus on:

The Permian Basin

As one of the oldest oil and gas plays in the country the Permian Basin covers parts of more than 50 counties in Texas and New Mexico. It is considered the most active play in the state of Texas, and is one of the basins we are most active in.

Bakken Shale

North Dakota has developed into the second largest oil and gas producing state in the country. The oil reserves and heavy production of the Bakken Shale have contributed to this recent growth.


  1. Our valuation team performs an economic evaluation on investment royalty property to determine a fair purchase price. This includes the following tasks:
    • Analyzing historical production data
    • Calculating production decline rates
    • Reviewing historical cash flow
    • Get the highest price possible for your royrest.
  2. The information collected about the royalty property is used to forecast future well performance, calculate remaining oil and gas reserves, and predict future revenues. Our goal is to offer you the highest yield return possible for your royalty investment with the longest lifecycle of the well.
  3. At the reception of our offer, once you agreed on the price and conditions, we will proceed to prepare all necessary legal paper work and contractual conditions.
  4. Once the contract is signed and all legal work is accomplished, we will proceed to your monthly payments as per our scheduled contractual agreement.

In case, if you will decide to sell your royalties, we can assist you to do so.

As you may know, that oil & gas wells get depletion within certain time frame and you may will to reinvest into higher productivity wells.

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